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This new product is made in Germany and bottled locally. Quantum.Silver has unique properties, and may kill Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and some Parasites. It is very safe and has no known side effects.

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Gillitts Shopping Centre, 1 Clifton Road, Gillitts 3610, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, 3610, South Africa.

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Monday - Friday. 8:00am to 12pm.

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Mrs B Newcastle

"Gooday Dr. I am feeling good with these Quantum.Silver and my sugar is much better . Now I can work the whole day without feeling tired" - Mrs B Newcastle An amazing testimony! We are so happy that your strength is up.

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Some Of Our Products

Quantum Silver Nose Dropper

Nasal Congestion or Sinusitis: Spray into both nostrils at least 4 - 6x daily until it clears up.

Quantum Silver Eye Dropper

Eye or Ear infection: Squirt 2 – 3 drops into each eye / ear 4 x daily until infection has cleared.

Some Articles and Fun Facts

  • Is Quantum.Silver safe?
    1. Yes Quantum.Silver is very safe, even for babies and may be taken together with any other medication. Due to the formulation of our Quantum.Silver, it is highly effective even at relatively low concentrations. Should someone accidentally drink more than the recommended dose of Quantum.Silver, the person will not have side effects nor will they need treatment! Quantum.Silver is excreted by the body within 24 hrs mainly via bile.
  • How much Quantum.Silver must I drink?
    For optimal results, drink Quantum.Silver in smaller doses more frequently per day. Thus Adults (15 years plus)drink 25 ml Quantum.Silver 3-4 x daily. If this is not practical, drink 50ml twice daily or 1 Capsule twice daily. For best results drink Quantum.Silver on an empty stomach i.e. 30 minutes before a meal. Children (5- 15 years) drink 25ml twice daily. Children under 5 years reduce dose proportionally i.e 1ml/1kg body mass twice daily.
  • What is better? Quantum.Silver Solution or Quantum.Silver Capsules?
    1. Both contain the same dose of the active ingredient. It comes down to a personal choice. It is easier to take the correct quantity by drinking the capsules. If someone has a throat infection or mouth ulcers, then the solution is recommended to swirl in the mouth for two minutes or gargle with Quantum.Silver and then swallow it!
  • How long must I drink Quantum.Silver to see results?
    1. This all depends on the condition you are treating. As a general rule, if someone has a fever or acute infection, the results are seen within 2- 3 days. If you are treating a chronic condition that has been ongoing for a few weeks or months, the results can also be expected after a few weeks of taking Quantum.Silver. Remember to drink the Quantum.Silver for a few days after your symptoms have resolved to ensure that the infection does not recur.
  • How long does Quantum.Silver stay in the body?
    Due to the unique formulation of Quantum.Silver, it is absorbed quickly into the blood stream, but is also excreted within 24 hours mainly via the gall