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Quantum Silver

Dosages and Treatments

The effect on micro-organisms and the speed of recovery are dose dependant. At the same time, it's important to note that if you ingest more than the recommended dose, there will be no extra benefit and it would be wasteful to overdose on the Quantum.Silver®.


It's Advisable to take into consideration the ailment you are busy treating.  

One example would be that if someone is running a high fever and has an acute infection, the superdose is advised for 5-7 days. If a person has a chronic ailment or infection for years, the treatment should be done over an extended period of time, to ensure that all micro-organisms are killed and the body has a chance to fully recover.


Infections vary widely; some primarily affect the skin or mucous membranes, while others are more systemic. Therefore, we've developed a range of products to get as close to the infection as possible. In the example of sinusitis infection, it's advisable to use the nasal spray to increase the Quantum. Silver at the site of infection, but to also ingest the Quantum.Silver® at the same time to kill any viruses in the rest of the body.


For this reason, we will address different conditions separately, providing treatment guidelines that have proven effective in most cases.

General Oral Dosage

50ml Quantum.Silver® solution = 1 Quantum.Silver® Capsule

Adults: 15 years plus

Acute: 50ml, 2x daily or 1 Capsule 2 x daily

Subacute/ Chronic: 25ml, 2x daily  or 1 Capsule 1 x daily


Children (5 - 15 years of age)

Acute: 25ml, 2x daily

Subacute/ Chronic: 15ml, 2x daily


Infants (0 - 5 years of age)

Acute: 1ml/kg body mass 2x daily (may be added to milk or juice)

Nebulize in the case of sinusitis or airway infections.


The above is to be taken for 5 - 7 days, depending on the severity of the infection.



50 ml once daily. 

Most people take this maintenance dose to reduce the chances of getting an infection. This is especially important for people with co-morbidities e.g. diabetes, High blood pressure, allergies, lung conditions etc. Quantum.Silver® does not interact with any chronic medication and is thus safe to take simultaneously. 

We recommend taking a break from ingesting Quantum.Silver® every 4-6 months for a month. This period allows your immune system to be exposed to everyday pathogens, potentially strengthening its natural response.

Local Application

Eyes/ Ears: 2 drops, 2-4x daily

Sinusitis: 2 puffs of nasal spray in each nostril, 2-4x daily,


Wounds or Burns

Clean wounds and apply generously (gel / spray), 2x daily until healed.

Acne: wash skin with antiseptic soap and then apply on skin, 2x daily

Mouth rinse: take about 50ml and rinse mouth, 3x daily


There is no known contra-indication.

Quantum.Silver® is known to be safe for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

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