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Family Aid Package

Family Aid Package

SKU: 100

Having a First Aid Pack at home is essential for several reasons:

  • Immediate Care: Many conditions, infections, or wounds can be treated at home, reducing the need for costly medical visits.

  • Speedy Recovery: Early and correct treatment of injuries and illnesses often leads to faster recovery times.

  • Emergency Preparedness: Having immediate access to first aid supplies is crucial in emergency situations, ensuring timely interventions.

  • Reduced Healthcare Visits: Keep routine doctor visits for critical issues while handling minor incidents at home.

  • Simplicity in Treatment: With straightforward instructions, most common conditions can be easily managed.

  • Here's What You Get With The Family Aid Package

    Quantity Product Type Size/Volume
    1 QS Nasal Spray 30ml
    1 QS Eye / Ear Drops 15ml
    1 QS Spray 125ml
    1 QS Gel 70g
    1 QS Capsules 10s
    1 Probiotics 60s
    1 QS Bottle 500ml
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