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QS Probiotic Capsules 10s

QS Probiotic Capsules 10s


Scheduling Status:  S0


Quantum.Silver Capsules

Composition: Each Capsule contains:

Nano Silver Complex …………….1, 2mg

Xylitol based Carrier……………..685mg


Pharmacological Classification:

Natural Health Supplement


Pharmacological Action:

Anti-viral, -bacterial,-fungal action mainly by oxidation.  Anti-inflammatory and helps the

Healing process



Any infection, fever, cough, swelling, open wound, skin infection, compromised immunity


Contra – Indication:

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers


Dosage and Directions for use:

Adults Acute:  Take 1 Capsule 2 x daily for 5-14 days

Adults Chronic:  Take 1 Capsule daily

Children under 12 years: Take half of the above.


Side –effects:

Side-effects are very uncommon.  A transient detox effect may be noticed with diarrhoea. This does not require treatment. The symptoms should resolve within a day or so.

  • More Info

    Known symptoms of overdose:

    The product is extremely safe and no known symptoms

    of overdose exist.



    The capsule content is a light grey powder with a slightly sweet taste.



    Plastic medical bottle containing 10 or 30 capsules


    Storage Instructions:

    Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

    Keep out of reach of children

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