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QS Capsules 90's

QS Capsules 90's


Quantum Silver Capsules 90's

  • Quantum Silver Family Aid Pack - Thomas Volker

    In this interview by Grant Adlam Thomas Volker unpacks in detail as to why a Quantum Silver Family Aid Pack should be in every home. -

    Quantum.Silver Family First Aid Pack

    •Most conditions, infections or wounds can be treated at home for a low cost

    •The sooner you treat a condition correctly, the faster the recovery

    •Emergencies need immediate treatment

    •Save doctor visits for when it is critical

    •Most conditions are easy to treat with a bit of common sense


    Quantum.Silver 500ml

    Drink 50ml (adults) 2 x daily for

    a)any infection

    b)Any fever ( indication of infection)


    d)skin condition

    e)drink for minimum 5 days

    Children 5 – 12 years: drink 25ml 2x daily

    Prevention: 50ml 1 x daily

    Quantum.Silver Capsules

    •Same conditions as for the liquid above

    •Handy for travelling/flying

    •Easy to take to work or in car

    •Exact measurement i.e. 1 capsule = 50ml of solution

    Quantum.Silver Nasal Spray

    •Blocked Nose



    •Nose congestion


    •2 puffs of spray into each nostril 4 x daily

    Quantum.Silver Eye/Ear drops

    •Any infection of eye/ear

    •Irritation of eye,

    •Pink eye

    •Arc eyes (from welding)

    •Painful ear canal


    •2 drops of QS Eye/Ear drops into each eye 3x daily

    •2 drops into affected ear 3 x daily

    •Safe for babies

    Quantum.Silver Spray 125 ml

    •Any skin wounds/infections






    •Spray affected area 2 x daily

    Quantum.Silver Gel (water based)

    •Any skin infection/wounds

    •Skin abrasions

    •Vaginal irritaion or infection





    •Apply gel after cleaning/washing the area 2x daily

    Quantum.Silver Gut Health Capsules

    •Any upset stomach

    •Vomiting or diarrhoea

    •Bloating or irritable bowl syndrome

    •After antibiotics



    •Initially 1 capsule 2x daily for 3-5 days and then 1 capsule daily for aother 3-5 days

    •Safe for children

    Summary of Family First Aid Kit

    •A package that will deal with 90% of any condition in a household

    •Easy to apply

    •The quicker you start treatment, the faster a patient responds and recovers

    •Extremely potent medication

    •Covers any microbial infection

    •Extremely safe – no interaction with other medications!

    Saves money and time!!

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