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Anti-microbial and Natural Health Supplements

Quantum.Silver® (QS) is a solution comprised of Quantum.Silver® complex particles. This Nano Silver Complex is produced in Germany using Quantum Dot technology. During this process, each silver atom is attached to a molecule. The silver particles are less than 20nm in size. The consistently small size of each silver particle endows the Quantum.Silver® Complex with unique characteristics, making it highly effective against micro-organisms.

At the same time, the nano size also ensures the rapid uptake of Quantum.Silver® once ingested. It is distributed via the bloodstream throughout the body and is primarily excreted through the liver and bile within 24 hours. For this reason, it is safe as it does not accumulate in the body.

Nano Silver (Quantum.Silver®) has been extensively researched in many countries over the past decade or more. Some medical researchers have focused on specific diseases, while others have explored the more general application of Nano Silver particles in medicine. The exact mechanism of action, bio-safety, and effectiveness of Quantum.Silver® have been well-documented by numerous medical research facilities around the globe.


Watch an interview about Quantum.Silver® with Dr Thomas Volker and Renowned Journalist, Grant Adlam.

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