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Skin wounds and rashes - Treatment Quantum Silver

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Some of the most common skin diseases include: Acne, blocked skin follicles that lead to oil, bacteria and dead skin buildup in your pores. Alopecia areata, losing your hair in small patches. Atopic dermatitis (eczema), dry, itchy skin that leads to swelling, cracking or scaliness.

Skin wounds - Causes


•burn wounds,

•cuts and bruises,


•diabetes wounds,


•hot water burns,

•fire burns

Fungal infections:


•groin itch,

•Toe/finger nail infections,

•certain dandruff types

Bacterial infections:

•wounds becoming septic,

•super bugs in hospitals

•Infected wounds in Diabetic people




•Warts (Viral infection)

•Insect bites

•Spider bites

Skin wounds - Treatment

Clean the area with water, mild soap etc.
Apply Quantum.Silver spray 3- 4 x daily
Or Apply Quantum.Silver Gel 3- 4 x daily

In severe cases e.g. Diabetes sufferers also drink Quantum.Silver 2x daily ; either solution or capsules Chronic cases: Toe nail infection, groin itch use Quantum.Silver for at least 2- 4 weeks.

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