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Quantum.Silver - New technology

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

•Silver has been around for many years

•New technology developed in Germany to make it more effective

•Active ingredient is imported

•Locally manufactures

•Wide field of application

•Marketed in South Africa since 2018.

Colloidal Silver vs Quantum.Silver

Colloidal silver (ionic silver) – old technology

•Manufactured with electrolysis

•Large and small particles – 10nm –200 nm

Quantum.Silver - new technology

•Using Quantum Dot technology

•All particles ≤ 10 nm specific characteristics

•Extremely small – very effective and very safe

•Is taken up easily and excreted within 24hrs

Antiviral Activities of AgNPs

•Colds and Flu


•Herpes – Cold sores

•Vaginal Herpes

•Chicken Pox

•German measles


•Warts (pox virus)


Antibacterial effects of AgNPs



•Ulcers and abscesses


•Wounds – infected

•Stomach ulcers



•STI – Gonorrhoea/ Syphilis

Antifungal activities of AgNPs

•Candida/ Thrush



•Nail fungal infection

Anticancer Properties of AgNPs

AgNPs have been observed to exhibit good anticancer activities in:

•breast cancer 158

•cervical cancer 208

•colon cancer 209

•ovarian cancer 210

•pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 211

•lung cancer 212

•hepatocellular carcinoma 213

•melanoma 214

•osteosarcoma 215

Anti-diabetic Agent

•AgNPs exhibit anti-diabetic action

•AgNPs activate protein kinase C and PI3K pathway at the insulin receptor substrate level

•inhibit protein kinase C isozymes, enhancing insulin secretion and sensitivity.

•AgNPs - effective in reducing insulin resistance and DNA damage.

•Recent testimony – lady with Diabetes Type 2 stopped insulin after drinking Quantum.Silver for 14 days.


•Solution 500ml, 1L and 5L

•Spray 125ml

•Nasal spray

•Eye/ear drops

•Gel 50g and 125g

•Capsules 10’s and 30’s

Quantum.Silver dose

Correlation between dose and effectiveness

Adult - Acute: 50ml or 1 Capsule 2 x daily 5-7 days

Subacute: 25ml 2 x daily 5-7 days

Children: 25ml 2 x daily

Chronic infections: 3 months 50ml 2x daily (TB, HIV, Cancer)

Maintenance: 25ml once daily

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